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Juniper Hill Juniper Hill, co-pres of LRD, doesn't blend in with her surroundings. She is easily spotted by her blonde hair, big smile and excessive happiness. She is an avid finger painter, but lack of opposable thumbs makes it hard for her to perform simple tasks such as opening wine bottles or bananas. Most afternoons she can be found teaching geography to youth at the local community centre. If you happen to encounter Juniper Hill on the track, the best course of action is to stand perfectly still and play dead, or skate as if your life depends on it.

On Blog Anxiety

Posted by Juniper Hill on Thursday, May 16, 2013

So, I’ve been staring at this blank page for ages, thinking about the perfect way to start “Notes from the Hill”.  I wanted this introductory post to incorporate everything I love about derby: the hitting, the sweating; the competitive and the camaraderie.  This blog post was going to convince the world that roller derby is the sport to join, somewhat akin to how a toothpaste ad promises happiness, a spotless bathroom, good morning hair, romance AND whiter teeth.  

And nothing happened.  I started paragraphs and deleted them, more times than I care to admit.  It wasn’t perfect.  My bathroom isn’t clean and my teeth aren’t any whiter.  

Finally - a moment of clarity.  This post doesn’t have to be perfect.  It just has to be my first try at a new thing.  And that’s what makes it so fitting for a blog about derby, the imperfection of it all.  It’s like that first time you try a new skill - take, for example, cross-overs - and you feel all wobbly and unsure and positive you’re going to fall on your face...and then...your legs actually cross!  And you smile!  And you feel the speed building!  You’re going so fast you’re making your own breeze!

And then you do fall.  Only you fall on your side, because that’s the way your body’s turned with you’re doing cross-overs.  And you realize you can laugh it off, because your padding has protected you, and you slid really far, and it was kind of fun to fall.  

And you get up, and start again.  And it’s awesome.  


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