Lindsay Roller Derby is recruiting players (18+), as well as off skate officials and refs (male or female).  If you are interested or know anyone interested in joining the league, come out to our information session, or send us an email below or at  We can't wait to see you on the track!! 

REFS and OFFICIALS skate and learn for FREE

 Personal insurance is required:

You must have a valid Ontario health care or equivalent and purchase roller sports insurance for $50 a year with the CRDi (skater from EAST) at

Registration / Monthly Fees:

A current fee of $40.00 is due each month - which will help cover the cost of our mandatory team insurance, coaching, rental fees for our space, and other miscellaneous costs.  Fees are subject to change.

Required Personal Equipment:

Helmet (multi-impact)

Mouth guard

Knee pads

Wrist guards

Elbow pads

Skates (Quads only)


You must have all forms and insurance filled out and paid before starting.

Interested in joining? Contact Us!